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37,000 + No Surcharge ATMs

Each individual institution listed makes its own policies concerning ATM Surcharging. We can not be responsible for changes in their policies. To the best of our knowledge this list is correct. If you find a discrepancy

PLEASE CLICK HERE, so we can REFUND your sur-charge!.
Thank You.

Tips on Avoiding ATM Surcharges
  • Most Point of Sale locations, such as food stores and gas stations, will allow you to get "Cash Back" when you are using your VISA Debit Rewards Card to pay for items.
    Just ask them.
  • Get extra cash when you are visiting the Credit Union office or an ATM Machine that does not have a surcharge if you know you'll be needing it within the next couple of days.
  • Use Only Novartis FCU ATM's or ATM's Listed in the ALLPOINT Network. Find the one closest to you today!
ATM Safety Tips
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and keep it to yourself.
    Don't keep it in your purse or wallet
  • Keep your Debit card in a safe place. It's as valuable to you as your credit card. If the Debit card is lost or stolen immediately call 1-800-449-7728.
  • Keep extra deposit envelopes in your car, so you can fill them out before
    approaching the ATM.
  • Have your paperwork and your Debit card ready when you approach the ATM so you won't have to reach into your purse or your wallet.
  • Stand between the ATM and people waiting in line so no one can see your
    PIN number on your transaction.
  • Don't accept help from strangers while you're using the ATM. If you have a problem, contact the Credit Union, or 1-888-918-7716.
  • Take your receipt with you. Put away your cash, ATM card, and receipt
    before leaving the ATM.
  • Report all crimes or suspicious activity to the ATM owner if they are available or to the local law enforcement agency immediately.
  • If you are uncomfortable about the location or surroundings for any reason, leave the ATM area immediately. There are many ATM's in each area. Don't jeopardize your safety
    to save a few minutes.
  • The Credit Union has additional information on ATM Safety. Please Contact Us and Request our brochure on ATM Safety Tips.