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If a systematic savings plan fits your needs, then you will love our Club Accounts!

A Novartis Federal Credit Union Club Account makes saving for your goal a breeze. You can make deposits into your Club Account throughout the year, giving yourself a head start to holiday shopping or your vacation plans. Make your deposits via payroll deduction or just occasionally deposit funds as your budget allows. At your request, the money can be rolled over directly into your savings or checking account.

HOLIDAY CLUB OR VACATION CLUB accounts allow you to:

  • Open the account anytime of the year.
  • Earn dividends.
  • No monthly service charge.
  • No minimum balance or minimum monthly deposit requirements.
  • Make deposits via payroll or in person.
  • Request a transfer into your savings or checking at any time.

Let Novartis Federal Credit Union help you take the stress out of your holidays or vacation expenses, with one of our club accounts.
To learn more about our Club Accounts or to open an account in person, please visit our Novartis Federal Credit Union office or call 973-947-1000.

Effective Date 5/29/2020, Rates Subject to Change

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