Loan Rates


Effective Date 5/16/2019, Rates Subject to Change

Loan Options: Annual Percentage Yield (Yield)

New & Used VehiclesRATE
As Low As2.25%
Signature LoansRATE
As Low As8.75%
Home Equity Lines of CreditVARIABLE RATE
1. SPECIAL - As Low As  5.50% No Floor 1/2% over Prime for Life of Loan or Prime Rate is 6.0%.
2. As Low As 1.00%  below Prime Rate with Floor
( Floor Rate is 5.00%)
Rate is 5.0%
Fixed Rate Second MortgagesRATE
Rates as low as5.25%
First MortgagesRATE
Please Call 1-877-885-4044 for rates and application information or Tuition Assistance Loans
Platinum VISA Rewards CardRate
As Low As9.90%
Share Secured LoansRate
As Low As2.60%
Personal LoanRate
As Low As8.75%
Certificate Secured LoanRate
Above Certificate Rate2.00%
Continuing Education LoanRate
As Low As8.75%


Loan Rates are quoted for those members electing payroll deduction, automatic transfer, or direct deposit. Minimum Savings Balance of $100 Required to be eligible for Loans *above certificate

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